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Durs Egg 14 Bore Fowler 14 Bore/gauge Muzzleloader

$ 295 CAD

Bargain ! A very good quality London 14 bore percussion fowling piece by top maker Durs Egg. Highly figured walnut stock in particularly good shape . Lock has strong mainspring and engages very crisply in full and half cock . It would appear to have been well maintained and partially refinished / ch...



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How to use Aria Cream ?


Aria Cream We have only discovered that Item, Therefore We have not needed Time to purchase it , however we have tested enough facial lotions to understand if Aria Cream will probably be value our period or never. Thus, we have been here in order to aid you ascertain something similar. You'll find m...

Panalean – Dispense With The Terrible Cholesterol Arrangement!


Weight Lose Supplement did not come straightforward. It's half of the new unleash. Panalean Weight Loss Capsul is the new status symbol currently. Obviously, people who don't grasp Weight Lose Supplement rather well could want more than just this. Weight Lose Supplement makes the fundamentals of Wei...

Panalean – Dispense With The Terrible Cholesterol Arrangement!


Weight Lose Supplement did not come straightforward. It's half of the new unleash. Panalean Weight Loss Capsul is the new status symbol currently. Obviously, people who don't grasp Weight Lose Supplement rather well could want more than just this. Weight Lose Supplement makes the fundamentals of Wei...

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Fyt Lyft Keto @>> https://www.offer4cart.com/fyt-lyft-keto/


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5G Phones: Every Known Phone


SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 5G : 5G is the successor to 4G (or LTE), which succeeded 3G. That time is not away when phones and the networks will be made 5G-capable, when we will enjoy faster upload and download speeds-buffering will be forgotten for sure. 5G smart phones are dominating 2019: Big Names li...

Ruger Mini-14 Stainless semi-auto Rifle .223 Nice!


Very nice Ruger Mini-14 stainless steel semi-automatic rifle, .223 Rem caliber, 18” barrel, clean, no corrosion, slight handling marks. Accepts 20,30,40 rd magazines. Excellent for range fun, big game rifle, home defense, survival special.



Trap Model with full vented rib, mid rib bead. Take down model with 30″ barrel High polished sides or receiver and barrel. Top of receiver matte finish Very good condition. If you wish to purchase or would like to see more photos please email orders.rustywood@shaw.ca and we will be happy to help

Browning Trombone


For sale is a Browning Trombone in caliber.22LR Late production with grooved receiver. Bore is perfect. Nice original gun in excellent condition.