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  • 737245.jpg Browning Maxus Sporting Golden... Used No more than 3 times, found a new hobby, so wanna sell for some cash. $1800 Go To Detailed Information
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  • 294145.jpg Savage model 12 F-TR CUSTOMIZE... CUSTOMIZED Savage 12 F-TR .223 rifle for sale sniper stock bipod sling 6.5-20 Vortex Viper mill dot second focal plane scope with sun shade and covers worth 200... $5000.00 Go To Detailed Information
  • 884032.jpg Glock G17 Pistol Millet Tru Dot Tritium front and fully adjustable rear sight Zev Tech; firing pin safety, 3lb striker spring and 3.5lb connector Overwatch Precision Flat-face Tac ... $425 Go To Detailed Information
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  • 283791.jpg BERETTA A390 12 Excellent overall showing minimal signs of use in the Original Box. There is a small ding in the stock we tried to photo otherwise we see nothing out of the normal w... $1340 Go To Detailed Information
  • 413836.jpg Beretta 92 FS I am selling a like new Beretta FS. It is my very first handgun that I purchased last year and it is my only handgun without even a scratch on her I only been to the... $650 Go To Detailed Information
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Winchester Model 9422M


Winchester Model 9422M offered in 22MAG with scope. All items are Safety and Function checked. Bore condition is good

Beretta Silver Pigeon III w/SKB Case & 7 Chokes


This is an excellent condition, Beretta Silver Pigeon III chambered in 20ga. This great little bird gun has 28” barrels and comes with the seven choke tubes . included in this is the original Beretta hard case AND an SKB hard case.



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For sale is a Savage MKII FV-SR -with caliber .22LR comes with a BSA Sweet scope .22 22-39X40AO Harris Bipod - model BRM and 3 magazines (1 5 round, 2 10 round)in excellent condition

Monk, W. H. 12 Bore/gauge Side By Side


W.H. Monk Side by Side Sidelock Excellent condition A beautiful light game gun suitable for all types of shooting but would not look out of place on any pheasant drive. Its sleeved, re-proofed and fully refurbished. Beautiful crisp checkering.



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