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Winchester Model 120 Ranger


This is a Winchester Model 120 Ranger in caliber 20 Gauge its a very nice, circa 1980's Ranger,It's chambered for 2 3/4" and 3" shells. Wood is in great condition. A few marks on the receiver.



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Savage Arms Model 29-A Pump 22 Caliber


Great early Savage (Takedown) model 29-A pump rifle in 22 caliber rim fire. The barrel is 24" long and will shoot 22 short, long & long rifle rim fire ammo.This gun is in VG condition with light handling marks on the wood. There is light color change on the top and bottom of the receiver at the ...

Remington Model 760 CARBINE -1976


99% overall and the bore is clean and the slide tube shows little to no use of this pristine Carbine, this one can't be upgraded unless it has the box and paperwork!!

Esee 6 Knife


This knife is extremely hardy and durable. It is made with the toughest tasks in mind. The grip material is designed to maintain great grip even when wet. This knife holds an edge better than any knife I have owned before. It is made in the USA. The knife comes with a kydex holster with a clip that ...

Nerotenze Testosterone: boost up reproductive system of men


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Brass henry big boy 44 magnum


Brass framed henry big boy chambered in 44 magnum complete with scope. Only 10 rounds fired selling $1100 shipped



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Nano Xl Review – How Does it Work?


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Marlin Camp


Got a Marlin model Camp in 45 ACP Uses 1911 Magazines, 16 1/2 inch barrel. Shoots very nice