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    Why have the moderators or whoever is responsible,not done anything to delete the scammers adds?There are several on this site and if the comments were read you would be able to see this.I was ripped off last fall on this site and reported same.Received an email back stating site was in the process of implementing steps to address the issue.What have you done?Nothing as far as I can tell.Anyone who has been ripped off on this site needs to report it,not only to the site but also to police.

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    We find deleting these jerks is not effective. Please leave comments on his profile, this help in a two ways: Tells people he is a scammer and helps others to learn how to spot them.


    We are always looking for way to deter these guys. Deleting them just made them better at it and people were getting scammed. So far since we have been leaving them up and having the community become more active in prevention and has been more effective and less scammers are successful.


    Awareness is the key to being safe on any online classifieds site. As well leaving the scammers up allow the RCMP to run on-going investigations on these guys in attempt to trap them and actually catch and arrest, deleting them means they have to almost start over.  We are actively with the RCMP to catch these guys and provide information every time we communicate.


    As for we us doing nothing, that's far from the truth. We have just stopped hiding the fact that this happens and want people to be very careful. We don't want to provide people with a false security just because our site looks good and respectable. We think transparency is one of the best tactics a site can use. Educate people on how scammers write, act and react. This leads to more people knowing how to not get ripped off.


    You will have noticed the comments and report ad system has changed drastically. As well the comments for each member (not each ad) is displayed directly on the ad page. If people even think its a scam they can easily display it to every other member using the comments. Even the profile link is large and expected to be clicked and checked.


    If you have any ideas or suggestions we really do work to add them into our site updates and improvements.

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    Why can't the Administrators make the site more secure by gathering as much information as possible from both buyers and sellers and making it mandatory in order to be a member. Maybe even going as far as obtaing credit card information as a form of membership, not necessarily charging the card, but retaining it for law enforcement should fraudulent activity accure. I think scammers would be a little reluctant to take part if that were thye case. I'm sure there are other ways of making this site more secure for everyone who wants to be a member. JMO

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    We're working on a completely new version of the site that we hope will reduce the scammer's. Working as fast as we can!

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    Old Ford

    Thank you for your effort in trying to have a viable source of buying & selling firearms.

    I posted elsewhere on this site my surprise at the number of cheat and scammers. Face to face exchange is the best way, but not always possible.

    However a buyer can and should  REFUSE to send payment by EMT.

    What is wrong with good old Canada Post money order. Also demand home phone number, home address, a copy of Firearms licence and drivers licence.

    If you are going to give a total stranger $100 – $2000+ you have every right to ask for this information

    Old Ford

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    I'm sure if the site charged a small fee to post an ad and it required a credit card with an address verification to do so that would eliminate a large amount of the scamming that's on here. I too was recently scammed from someone on this site and then I searched out and exposed 2 other scammers. kijiji is very popular here and I have not really heard of much scamming stuff on that site. I know their adds are free however there are some fees to keep your ad near the top etc. Just saying I love the idea behind this site they just need to get something to detour the scammers. As a community of firearms holders we should try to help the people running this site rather then bitch at them. they are doing something we all can not do on our own so lets all toss the ideas at them.Wink

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    We have made serious changes to the ad review process. But we really do need help from the community. We really want to stay a free service and continue to improve the site. At the moment ad review takes about 5 hours per day.

    If anyone does spot a scammer please send their username to us in an email or comment directly on their profile and we will remove the account immediately. Leaving them up seemed to reduce the number of successful scams but hurt our reputation.

    We have set up tons of back end defense and humans actually check every add for ip address, google description text and attempt image compare searches. In some cases a scammer might still slip through.

    When a scammer is found all accounts that gave the scammer a good rating are removed as well.

    We are working very hard to put a stop to this issue and are working on more scam prevention and locating tools. They will be available for community usage on the site, so if we miss one we can all work together to eliminate them as fast as possible.

    Another method we have been using is checking the ip address found in the members email header to compare to the ip logged on the site and checking with ip location tools. A good scammer might be able to spoof their login ip but it is unlikely they will be able to spoof the email server ip.

    Please read this topic: http://usedfirearms.ca/forum/topic/how-to-avoid-a-scam/

    We are open to all suggestions but remember we do want to maintain a free service.

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    I just got scammed by some loser named Alex Medianik. What can be done and who do I need to contact to make sure that this jerk doesn’t do it to someone else?




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    <span style=”color: #000000;”>I bought a guy kev 87 posted his Glock 17 Gen 4 and I sent 520 dollars to him then he disappear. I called the CFO and they said no transfer under his name Kevin William Niebor PAL:10142465.0003 and I realized this is a fraud sale. How can I file a fraud case to bring mu money back?  thanks, fannyx885</span>

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    Emailed $1500 to a seller who emailed me a copy of “his” PAL and DL. Rode away with my money and UsedFirearms.ca helped facilitate it.

    I would never buy from this site again and will do anything I can to sink this broken model.

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    How can I do a profile lookup on a user?

    Im looking but its not evident.


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    Hello, I’m still pretty new to this site. Did a lot of dealings on FB and slowly building myself up on CGN. I have done all deals with cash face to face, or sent/ received EMTs across the country. Never have I heard such hate towards EMTs since coming here and just wondering why they’re considered untraceable? Sounds lazy, the money has to go somewhere, not just to an email then printed off.

    I mean I get it theres always a risk, but having a buyer lodge a complaint with paypal even after an honest deal will burn the seller.

    I will continue to my way of operations and I fully understand that I may not conduct many transactions on this site, and if I may risk spamming, I can be found on CGN under the same name. Thank you and sorry to hear about the negative dealings here.

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