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    I’m new to this site and I’m not sure if this is allowed or what’s the new way to go about it. I was wondering what other user thought of this idea. If we could make a forum that list all the user names that have been scammers. I recently lost 1100 on this site trying to buy the super sport Vinci 3″ posted by ssapoli66. Went through all the right procedures, finally sent the money and haven’t heard anything from him since. It’s been a week. Just thoughts.


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    A good way to uncover scamming is usually to email the seller that you would like to meet face to face by having to make a trip into the sellers town or to have a friend that lives there stopping in to see the seller and the goods. Scammers pretty much immediately withdraw from the picture if they are asked to meet the buyer or be met by a designate. The excuses these honourable sellers come up with why they can’t meet you are sometimes telling and sometimes outright laughable.

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    I have recently asked a number of Ruger Mini 14/30 sellers to meet with me in person or via Skype at an RCMP detachment because here is Alberta people are getting ripped off by using Kijiji.  So, the RCMP have generously offered to allow the public to use an empty office.  So, I am curious to see how the respond and to know how many are legitimate.

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