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how to purchase out of province

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    I know that purchasing a firearm face to face is the best. How do you purchase a firearm out of province that both the seller and buyer are comfortable. This past week I tried to purchase a firearm and the buyer wanted 50% deposit and he would send the firearm as soon as he received the deposit. I refused and suggested a COD from either Canada Post or a courier of his choice. Is this the right way to do it for both seller and buyer or does someone have a suggestion to help. Thanks in advance

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    old contractor

    COD all the way. It’s safer for buyer AND seller. I’ve done it for out of province and in , restricted and non…easy / peazy lol

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    Any other suggestions for sell? I have never done Cod, but I don’t want to be weeks without my money when selling the rifle, and what if the buyer refuses shipment? Then i’m out all that time and the shipping money.

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    The COD sounds like a great idea, but my worry about the COD would be verifying the contents of the package at the Canada Post office (which is in a pharmacy in my neighbourhood). I can’t imagine what the cashier’s reaction would be if I started handling the firearm and making sure it was in good order. I’m in an urban community in Quebec and so people are generally nervous about and around firearms.

    How do you guys verify the contents before signing?

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