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except maybe cause you to lose a bit of that

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    Interesting Pete, do you have heart Barato New Balance 1500 Hombre Venta rate info to compare to cadence/stride length? Lee Saxby mentions that a cadence of 180 taps into the body’s natural frequency of muscle oscillation (when running ‘barefoot’). I would use this as a starting point but as you’ve found, cadence will vary with speed so it’s up to the athlete to find their ‘natural’ cadence.

    Hi, I discovered this blog a little while ago and now the time is near for my first comment :-) Is anyone of you familiar with this tool:It calculates the optimal stride frequency, taking into account your length, BMI and pace. Unfortunately for most of you (I guess) it is in German…

    Can you name one athlete that has set any world record in any track and field event or any road race while running barefoot within the last 20 years?Can you name one runner that has won an international level marathon while barefoot in the past 50 years (BTW: Abebe Bikila’s 1960 marathon in Rome was over 50 years ago)?

    Disagree…You naturally shorten your stride while running barefoot or in minimalist shoes as an innate mechanism to bring your foot landing position closer to your center of mass, thus reducing impact force and loading rates, and bringing your cadence closer to a more efficient elastic recoil frequency (Some good studies on this; AND it just makes sense). When you run at faster speeds, you do need to lengthen your stride (especially if cadence stays roughly unchanged), but efficient running mechanics will increase the forward lean of your body, thus moving your center of mass more forward, and Barato New Balance 1500 Mujer Tienda still allow you to foot strike near your center of mass with this lengthened stride. Barefoot running does nothing to ‘limit’ your stride length, except maybe cause you to lose a bit of that ‘good recklessness’ in your running gait which a shoe allows

    De Clercq D, Aerts P, Kunnen M: The mechanical characteristics of the human heel pad during foot strike in running: an in vivo cineradiographic study. J Biomech, 27:1213-1222, 1994.Stockton M, Dyson R: A comparison of lower extremity forces, joint angles, and muscle activity during sho New Balance 574 Hombre Tienda Online d and barefoot running. Proc. 16th ISBS, pp. 251-254, 1998.

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