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6mm Flobert ammunition


Looking for 6mm Flobert ammo.

WTB Old lever action Winchesters


Need cash? I'm interested in adding some old lever action Winchesters to my collection, 1866's, 73's,76's ,86's, and 92's. Looking for guns in good condition as well as parts guns, The older the better ! .If you have any levers you'd like to sell ,or trade please message me. Thank you

Remington 870 Wingmaster vented rib barrel


Wanted: in excellent shape VENTED RIB barrel for 12 gauge Remington 870 Wingmaster (blued/gloss not matte finish) 2-3/4" or 3" chamber shotgun, 26-28" barrel, improved or modified, fixed (before 1988) or screw (after 1988) in original (Remchoke) chokes (not aftermarket). Send me a PM (private messag...

looking to trade my mint sr-22 rifle with spare mags for glock 17


looking for a glock 17. willing to trade my mint ruger sr-22 rifle with spare mags.

Wanted Savage 250-3000


I am looking for a Savage lever action 250-3000 Please email me at bjoh4@yahoo.ca



need bolt in working condition

Looking for .50BMG RIFLE.


Looking for .50BMG RIFLE. Preferably TRADE. Can offer: -AR15(DB15) -PIETTA PPS50 -SIG SAUER P250 full size 9mm(120 rounds)3 mags -SVT40(IZHEVSK 1941 + EXTRA MAG) -Savage 10FTP-SR 24"barrel .308. 2 extra mags($300)+Vortex 30mm rings+ FFP Weaver Tactical Scope 4-20x50 30mm FFP with Mil Dot Retic...

Looking for a CZ 513 Farmer


Hi, I am looking for a CZ 513 farmer rifle, preferably newer. I am willing to pay what you paid for it if it is in good condition, anywhere in Ontario. email chris.sellan@gmail.com

tyrol magazine 22cal


wanted magazine for Austrian tyrol 22cal ,5 shot or 10 or if anyone knows what else will fit it!

Mint condition 7600 wanted


Remington 7600 older wanted in mint condition only

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