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Ruger SR40 Stainless W/ goodies!


Heres my Ruger SR40 for sale, its is the first handgun my girlfriend bought for herself, it is in really good shape, fired a good crate of 500-750 rounds with it, this thing is awsome, has good balance and great feels, has a good punch with a .40 S&W, but not to much, still really managable even...

Girsan Reguard 9MM desert tan W/ goodies


Heres my Girsan Reguard 9mm for sale, bought it new last year, shot about 500 rds with the pistol, its nicer then the berretas in feel and finish, its 100% compatible with berreta parts, any accessories for a berreta or part will be bolt on, it has picatiny rail on frame from factory and has a nice ...



Like new condition GIRSAN YAVUZ 16 REGARD Black 9MM, 4.9" barrel length. Only 50 shots fired. Comes with a case and two mags. LOCAL SALE ONLY!! BUYER MUST HAVE RESTRICTED PAL!! EMAIL ME AT dima-t91@hotmail.com CALIBER 9mm x19 OPERATION SYSTEM Short Recoil TRIGGER SYSTEM ...

Browning Hi Power


Excellent condition two ton Browning Hi-Power, Made in Belgium. Works flawlessly and very accurate, 'Signature model' Browning grips and spare magazine.

Taurus PT1911 – 9 mm


Taurus PT 1911 - 9mm. Shoots great, very well taken care of. Comes with original case, 2 factory mags and 3 additional mags . Locks not included. No Trade