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Like New Traditions Hawken Woodsman 1830 Rifle .50 cal Flintlock.

475.00 obo

Like New Traditions Hawken Woodsman 1830, .50 cal flintlock rifle. Prod No: R2390. Made in Spain. Wonderful hardwood stock. 28 inch octogonal barrel, 8 groove right hand twist. This rifle was tested at the range only. Fired 8 times, properly cleaned and stored. A true 9.8/10, almost new...ver...

Thomson Center Firestorm flintlock muzzleloader


Gun is like brand new. Only used it at the range three times. This is the cadillac of flintlock muzzleloaders. Has removable breach plug for easy cleaning. Will shoot pyrodex pellets. Has a one in 48 twist and shoots round balls, sabots, and conicals. Will handle up to a 150 grain load. Great for ...

For sale Brown Bess Carbine made by Pedersoli


Brown Bess Carbine is a fine replica that is rugged, hardy and fun to shoot. It is well balanced and since it is a smoothbore, will shoot shot as well as patched round balls. It comes with a round ball mold (.735), #7 bird shot, homemade cards and wads. The .75 caliber is equal to 11 gauge. Comes wi...