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Savage model 99

425 OBO

Beautiful old Savage model 99. Few scrapes and nicks on wood, little but of discoloration on bluing from age. Beautiful old banger none the less. Flip up long range site. Nice old gem

Beretta Model AL391 Teknys shotgun.


1.Beretta Model AL391 Teknys, 12 Gauge,3" Chanber,28” Vent Rib barrel,Beretta optima chokes.Come with MOD choke in.Stock on the right side of the wrist has crack repaired,barrel side lightly pitted,works and shots perfect.Condition as pictured.-$900.00 2.Beretta Model AL391 Teknys,12 Gauge,30 i...

Looking for Tikka stainless or blued in 308, 7-08.


I'm looking for an older used Tikka stainless or blued in 308, 7-08 or 243. Planning to do a build so really only need the action.

SKS STOCK with the great patriotic war insignia


SKS stock with the Soviet patriotic war insignia, 2nd class created by myself, applied and sealed in wax.

WW2 P38 AC41


This is a valuable and rare piece that has seen the war and very few of these 1941 walthers survived Finish shows use but all numbers matching with waffenstamps

1914 colt 1911


This 1911 produced in 1914 has seen war use and it has the little of the original finish left. A piece of history and hard to find a 1914 model as very few were produced. All original

SKS & parts


I’m looking to buy a new gun and no longer want my SKS. The rifle is in excellent condition, but as you can see the wooden stock is broken. I’m including it in case you want to glue it back together, but if not it’s got that archangel stock for your enjoyment. Forgot to include original internal ...

looking for an old corpsman 140 or 1400 spoon handle or bolt still working


looking for a used crossman 140 around the 1600's still in working condition in the ontario are please email me at wsummerhayes@hotmail.com



Rifle is in excelent mechanical condition with a good bore however there is a chip in the rifles butt stock. Rifle shoots well and is complete. The rifle is supposedly a veteran bring back after seeing service in the Far East during the Second World War. Located in Truro NS. $500 + shipping b...



Native Blanket from a Military Austrian Lorenz Most likely this was cut down for a Blanket gun after or during the Civil war the Lorenz Rifle was a weapon of both the Union and Confederate armies. Still maintains the rear barrel band & sling mount (band held in place by a square nail). 75 ca...

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