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British Antique Status Damascus screw barrel . 44 caliber cap and ball sing...


Antique Status pistols do not require any firearms license or registration and can be fired anywhere you can shoot a non-restricted firearm. I do require however that you provide photo ID that you are at least 18 years or older.   British Antique Status Damascus screw barrel . 44 caliber cap and...



could pass for new-i believe 6 shots. took on trade. will consider lever action on trade. good old barter system. what have you got-LET'S MAKE A DEAL!!

Sears model 6c Coeey rifle hunting Cooey Coburg 22 22lr


I am selling that Sears rifle, caliber 22, its a semi automatic, but I sell it as a single shot since those rifles are not known for their good semi efficiency (could be the quality of the bullets), but I managed to find a magazine that goes in it, but does not have spring or follower, it's empty..b...

Canadian Hunter D-18B in .22.


- Under 500 fps, but close to 500. - Decently accurate (~half inch at 10m) - Light enough to carry easily - Durable (Metal and wood, minimal plastic) - Good open sights, as I have no intent to scope. - Decent trigger Please text any tame 6476871484

150lbs Metal Crossbow Black Rifle Bow with 2 Arrows NEW


Please text anytime 6476871484 150 lbs Black Rifle Hunting Crossbow • Comes with 2 Arrows • Brand New in original box. • 34" in Length

Connecticut Arms “Bulldog”


Unique pivoting breech deringer in very good condition. 50% nickel plating on the frame and about as much blue on the barrel. Strong springs, proper single action function, slight amount of play on the breech block. Bright barrel with crisp rifling. Fine gutta percha grips without cracks or chips. A...

Rare National Arms Deringer


A rare, fine quality .41 rim fire deringer from the National Arms company. Originally the Moore's Firearms Co., National Arms was in business for only a few years before being purchased by Colt in 1870. These rare little gems are very well made and would surely pack a punch with their short barrel a...

RARE Hammonds Patent Deringer


Excellent and Rare Hammond's Patent Single Shot Deringer This is a very rare and extremely nice Connecticut Arms single shot Deringer in .44 rim fire. The largest caliber Deringer-type pistol ever made. It is known as the "Bulldog", and has a unique side-pivoting breechblock and spring-loaded extr...

1837 Chatellerault Navy Belt Pistol


This single-shot percussion pistol bears arsenal stamps on the frame and trigger guard and the engraved name of the arsenal "Mre. Rle. de Chatellerault" (Royal manufacture at Chatellerault). The top of the frame is marked "Mle. 1837" and the number 7 is stamped in the side of the barrel. The letters...

BAM Model XSB4-4 Air Rifle New


Please text anytime 6476871484. XS-B4 is a spring piston air rifle suitable for recreational shooting. Under lever cocking lever. Rear sight is now located infront of loading port. 22 Caliber @ 495 FPS Underlever spring piston Total Length: 1000mm Total Weight: 3.2kg Barrel Length: 450...

Page 1 of 212››