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Remington Double Deringer


This is a late production Type 1 deringer, made in about 1868. Type 1's are the only ones considered "antique" by the Canadian government. Chambered for the .41 rim fire short, about 150,000 of these were made between 1866 to 1935. One of the most popular Remingtons ever, and one of the most famous ...

British Proofed Colt New House Model


Unusual, early .41 center fire Colt "New House". This is an interesting variant or "transition" between the "New Line" and "New House" models - it has the "New Line" frame with walnut bird's head grips, but all the other features of the "New House" model: long fluted cylinder with locking slots on ...

Rare US Service Revolver


Rare Whitneyville .38 rim fire short marked "U.S." on the right side. This was probably issued to a US federal agent in the 1870's. The brass frame retains about 80% of the original nickel plating, the 1 1/2 inch barrel about 50%. The cylinder is a smooth grey with traces of nickel remaining. The gr...

Allen & Thurber Pepperbox


Very good condition Allen & Thurber pepperbox from early Worcester production. Ethan Allen is a legend among American gun makers, and his pepperboxes were the most serious competitor to Sam Colt's revolvers well into the 1850's. This particular specimen was produced between 1847 (the year he mov...

Colt 1847 Walker Percussion Pistol Gun Case. Prod.Ref.#CW.02

USD$395.00 + S&H

This is a very scarce example of an original style Walker case based on the one known example & built with the same materials and in the same style of the original Colt contract boxes of the 1860's. It is a Oak box with hinge and lock in-letting in the manner used in the originals. The li...

Berdan II


For sale: Berdan II rifle. Berdan II was single shot predecessor to Mosin Nagant in Russian Emprire. This one is very unusual and has no make markings. There are documented Berdan I with no markings, but no information on why this Berdan II has no markings. Year of manufacture is not known. Overall ...

Damascus Barrel Boot Pistol


Unmarked .46 caliber percussion pistol with a beautiful twisted damascus barrel and intricately carved, silver-inlaid grip. The hammer is in the shape of a fish and the sides of the frame are nicely engraved. There is an old repair to a crack in the wood, but the grip is solid. This is a fine gentle...

Colt 1889 revolver


I’m selling my antique status Colt 1889 revolver. The gun is in excellent mechanical condition and the action and timing are perfect. It has been re barreled and has a perfect bore. This gun is a great shooter and doesn’t require a PAL to own or shoot. It is one of the very few handguns that you don...

Colt 1862 Police


Early Colt Police in its original .36 percussion configuration, not converted to cartridge as so many had been after the civil war. This model is considered by collectors the most stream-lined of Colt's percussion revolvers. Its smooth curves, rebated cylinder and shallow flutes make it look quite d...

Colt New Line .38


In 1873 Colt introduced his "New Line" of revolvers, based on the design of his superintendent William Mason. These closed-frame single action spur trigger revolvers were Colt's attempt to compete with the increasingly flooded market of cheap pocket revolvers and eventually he ceased production. Col...

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