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7.62x54r non corrosive


253 rounds MFS fmg, 25 rounds barnaul fmg Brass case, 52 rounds MFS soft point. 330 total non corrosive Mosin nagant or svt ammo. 2 clips. Local pickup only. Please send email admiraliti@yahoo.ca

7.62×39 Romanian


620 rounds of Romanian surplus SKS ammunition. Local pickup only. Please send email admiraliti@yahoo.ca.

Barnaul 7.62×39 FMJ and SP


Barnaul 7.62×39 ammunition, I have 500 rounds of FMJ and 500 rounds in SP. $250 for 500 rounds. This ammo is new production, non-corrosive in steel case made by premium Russian military ammunition manufacture. In U.S.A it is sold as Brown Bear. Under 2 moa accuracy from cz527 al...

MFS 7.62×39 FMJ and SP


MFS 7.62x39 ammo for sale I have 500 rounds of FMJ and 500 rounds in SP. $250 for 500 rounds. This ammo is new production, non-corrosive. Perfect ammo for sks, vz58 or cz858. I have hunted with MFS SP many times and works very well on deer. PAL required for purchase

Norinco Non-corrosive 7.62×25


Norinco Non-corrosive 7.62×25 FMJ Tokarev TT33 Ammunition, copper washed steel cased, packed 50rds per box, $350 for 1000rds Please email: admiraliti@yahoo.ca

.3006sp,.270win,.300wm,.300wsm ammo


Lower the price .300wsm 180gr TROPHY BONDED TIP 2 BOX $45/ea .300wsm 180gr Nosler PARTITION 4BOX $60/ea .270WIN 130gr FUSION 5 box $27/ea .270win 150GR Hornady CUSTOM international interlock sp 4BOX $27/ea .270win 150gr SOFT POINT RN 1BOX $25/ea .3006SP 180GR POWER POINT 1BOX $22/ea...



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Ammo for sale.

As listed

1.Winchester .223 Rem White Box, FMJ 62 Grain Box of 20 (50 boxes)-Sold. 2.Winchester X-Super Target .38 Special 125 GR,Box of 50-$40.00 Winchester X-Super Match .38 Special 148 GR,Box of 50-$40.00 each (2 boxes). Winchester .38 Special 158 GR. Box of 50-$40.00 Remington .38 Special...

357MAG and 45ACP


I am looking for ammo in 357MAG and 45ACP Let me know if you have some for sale . Thank you

7.62×39 corrosive ammunition


I have for sale a unopened tin of 7.62x39 corrosive ammunition 750 rounds good for sks or other rifles 225.00 call dave 416-885-2692

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