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Very Rare Whitneyville Pocket revolver


Very Rare Whitneyville Model 1 in .30 Rimfire The Model 1 was known by collectors only as a .22 calibre pocket revolver although Whitney advertised a .30 calibre variant back in the 1870's. Nobody had seen one though until recently. These are so rare, in fact, the RCMP Technical Division had to cre...

Double Barrel Boot Pistol


Possibly Spanish made percussion boot pistol in approximately .38 caliber, with 3 inch barrels. The gun is marked "A.V. & G.S." on the bottom of the trigger guard, and the serial number "3" is stamped into the side of one barrel. The muzzle of the left barrel is squared to accommodate a key to u...



Merrimack Arms "Southerner" Very nice .41 rim fire deringer marked "Merrimack Arms & Mfg. Co. Newburyport, Mass." on the side of the barrel and "SOUTHERNER" on top. The gun is complete, with a crisp action and tight lock-up in half and full cock, clean barrel and crisp rifling. These little gun...

Civil War S&W Old Model Army


Smith & Wesson No. 2 "Old Model Army" Another Civil War era S&W. This one was made in the last days of the war - probably between December 1864 and February 1865. Famous .32 rim fire long with a six-inch barrel. General George Armstrong Custer carried two of these single action revolvers......

Whitneyville 1 1/2


Early .32 rim fire Model 1 1/2 with an octagonal barrel. The brass frame retains about 70% of the nickel plating, the cylinder about 50%. Unusual extractor / cylinder pin similar to the S&W Model 1 1/2. Very fine rosewood grips, mechanically very good and tight. SN # 9880. Very good to fine over...

Remington Pocket Revolver


Remington New Model No. 4 .41 rim fire revolver with very scarce, early Parkesine (Nitrocellulose) plastic grips. This material was invented in 1856 and is considered the first practical plastic. It was used as a grip material on cutlery and such items as hair brushes and hand mirrors. It's use by R...

Hopkins & Allen XL No. 3


H&A had several popular lines of pistols, the XL series being one of them. This is a 3-inch barrel, .32 rim fire XL no. 3 with about 80% of its original nickel plating intact. The gun works as it should, properly indexing and locking cylinder, strong springs and crisp action. The barrel and cyli...

Rare London Pistol Company Revolver


A rare Manhattan Firearms "London Pistol Company" Series 1 pocket revolver in .31 percussion. London Pistol was Manhattan's alternate label for selling those guns which did not meet their Manhattan quality standards. These guns often had imperfections in the casting, engraving or finish. What was on...

Colt M1849 Pocket


Excellent, New York address Colt 1849 with 90% original silver, about 90% bluing on the barrel, very sharp scene on the cylinder and the finest grips I have seen so far on a gun of this age. In fact, this is the finest 1849 I have ever had. All numbers match, on frame, back strap, cylinder, ramrod a...

1837 Chatellerault Navy Belt Pistol


This single-shot percussion pistol bears arsenal stamps on the frame and trigger guard and the engraved name of the arsenal "Mre. Rle. de Chatellerault" (Royal manufacture at Chatellerault). The top of the frame is marked "Mle. 1837" and the number 7 is stamped in the side of the barrel. The letters...

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