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Clear out your safes and get rid of your old junkers. In search of pistols, rifles and shotguns that are no longer functioning for parts guns only. Specifically looking for SKS, Remington 870, M4's, 1911's.

Ruger M77/357


I want to buy a Ruger M77/357 in any condition as long as it is safe and fully functional. Pls email, I have a PAL.

.22 Marlin 81 DL


Looking for a parts gun

SKS origional magazines


wanted a origional sks magazine will pay

Looking to buy used/old firearms


Preferably shotguns (pump, semi, overunder) and Rifles (bolt action, semi-automatic)

In search of a (deactivated), Canadian Lee Infield Mark 3 preferably made a...

$ 200.00

fair to good shape

I’m looking for a Browning 525 in “28” gauge


I'm looking for a Browning 525 in "28" gauge. If you have one and are interested in selling it, please contact me. Thanks.

Kolpin gun boot


Kolpin lll plush lined rifle boot it is the one with the 5 hole attachment points in either moss or black.

Wanted K98

best offer

wanted an excellent Mauser k98, if you have original one would be best, means not Russian captured. Please email me at tanghuang1202@gmail.com

NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE GUNS and interesting pieces.APP too

depends on which firearm and its condition

Winchester 1876 Saddle Ring Carbine issued ( even possibly ) to the North-West Mounted Police of Canada. Marked or stamped or NOT ! Also reissued to the Royal RNWMP , the Alberta Provincial Police and the Legion of Frontiersmen.