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Colt Python 6″


Hi, I'm looking for a gun that used to belong to my father. Its a Colt Python. 6" barrel nickel plated. He sold it through hunters supply in surrey mid 90's after he got annoyed when the gun laws changed. If the current owner would like to sell it, i'd be interested in buying it back. I have the ser...

Wanted: Rossi Model 62.


Wanted: Rossi model 62, tube feed, pump action, .22 lr. firearm.

Wanted: Vortex PST 6-24 First Focal with MRad reticle (NOT MOA – than...

TBD - Please let me know your price.

I am looking for a Vortex PST 6-24 First Focal with the MRad reticle. Any condition is fine. If it is not working or is having dialling issues that's fine, just let me know. Thanks.

Looking for a Norinco m305 used

Willing to pay up to 450 depending on condition

Looking for a used Norinco 305, depending on condition willing to pay up to 450

Ithaca 37


Looking for a Ithaca model 37 20 gauge Email me at propane.energy.solutions@gmail.com

Looking to buy used/old firearms


Preferably shotguns (pump, semi, overunder) and Rifles (bolt action, semi-automatic)



Anyone trying to sell some firearms in the Windsor or chatham area

Black adjustable Tapco stock (SKS) for a Desert Tan Tapco Stock (SKS)


I know this is a long shot but I'm looking to trade a used black Tapco stock for an SKS for a used desert tan Tapco stock. My black stock is in very good to excellent condition and would prefer to receive a desert tan in the same condition. Like I said, I know it's not likely but maybe somebo...

Looking for .22’s in Alberta and BC

200 or less

Looking for unwanted , used , fixer upper 22's in the BC , Alberta area

Looking for a 45-70


Looking for a reasonably priced 45-70 to use as a bush gun. Does not need to be fancy or have to have a scope. Open sights are just as good for me as long as it shoots strait.

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