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Wanted: Barrel for Browning Silver Stalker 12G 3.5″ (26″ or 28&...


Looking for a barrel for a Browning Silver Stalker (Black Duratouch) 12G 3.5" Preferably 26" but 28" would work too! Willing to pay reasonably!

WTB Winchester commemorative’s and centennials


Fast cash for Winchester commemoratives and centennials. Single gun's ,collections and estates . I can help you with your unwanted guns without the hassle of advertising and dealing with multiple strangers . Also interested in older Winchester lever rifles! Please message me with what you have ,a...

WTB Old lever action Winchesters


Need cash? I'm interested in adding some old lever action Winchesters to my collection. Looking for guns in good condition as well as parts guns, The older the better ! .If you have any levers you'd like to sell ,or trade please message me. Thank you



WANTED- Mannlicher Schoenauer ammunition in 9x56, 8x56, 9.5x57.Also looking for 7x66 Vom Hoffe SE.ammo.

Mauser sporting rifles


WANTED- Original Oberndorf Mauser Sporting Rifles,or any other pre 70's well known German or Austrian gun manufacturers.Also looking for Brno's in a 22f model,and a ZG-47 in 8x64,9.3x62,6.5x57, or 10.75x68.

Wanted Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifles


WANTED--Mannlicher Schoenauer rifles.Looking for models 1903, 1905, 1910.Pre war models 1924,and 1925.Also models 1950, 1952,1956-MC,MCA,and any magnum models.

7 X 57 Brass and 7mm Bullets (preferred in BC)


Needing 7x57 brass and 7mm bullets please message me if you are in BC prefered but out of provice works too.

Hi, I am looking for a real USGI M14 Butt Stock for a Norinco M305. I am al...


As the title states, Please let me know if you have one of these for sale as I am looking to purchase one for my Norinco M305. The Butt Stock must be in really nice shape. Thank You.

Wanted 7.62×51 NATO Rounds. I am not looking for reloads


As the add says, I am looking for 7.62x51 NATO. I can't always find it so if you have some 7.62x51 and they are of good quality surplus or non surplus please give me a dingle. Thank you.

.410/.22lr combo


looking for any form of .410/.22lr combo

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