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CFSC & CRFSC Ontario – Scarborough & Durham Region.

Standard Prices

CFSC & CRFSC Combo classes. Set RCMP pricing: $169.50 and $124.30 respectively (includes TAX!), plus $21 if Student Manula required (I point ot online version of manual.) CRFSC is $169.50 if taken more than 30 days after the CFSC. http://www.fseso.org/firearmsinstructor/ON1228 http://bit.ly/...

Stop Bill C-71


The firearm Bill C-71 is trying to be forced through and will do nothing for crime and only hinders the law abiding gun owner. Please sign the following petition and try and stop this knee jerk reaction from our government. They are there for us and not to spread fear and hatred. STOP BILL C-71 N...