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1.STEYR-MANNLICHER Pro Hunter caliber 30.06 Professional Bolt Action Rifle.Solid stainless steel action.This weapon is a top of the line contender in the 30.06 world of bolt action guns.It’s saddled into a Green full synthetic free floating stock,4 rounds rotary magazine.Top of the line Buehler's qu...

Mannlicher M95 Stutzen 8x50R


For sale: Hard to find M95 Mannlicher Repetier-KarabinerStutzen in original 8x50R. This is almost impossible to find Stutzen extended into Karabiner configuration, manufactured at Budapest factory and remains in original 8x50R. Stutzen has all matching number - receiver, barrel, stock and upper hand...

Yugoslavian SKS M59/66


For sale: Yugoslavian SKS M59/66 in 7.62x39. Excellent condition. Bore is bight, shiny with 10/10 rifling. Has integrated grenade launcher. Comes with original sling, oiler in pouch and accessories kit in the stock. $845, shipping is $32 to ON and QC, $37 to other majors. Shipping includes tracki...

Swiss K31


For sale: Swiss K31. She is in good condition, all matching numbers including removable magazine. Bore is bright and shiny with 9.5/10 rifling. Comes with original sling and muzzle protector. For local purchase ammo is availabe up to 80 rounds, $10 per 10 rnds box. $895, shipping is $30 to ON an...



For sale: Non-restricted cz858. Chambered in 7.62x39. VG condition both internally and externally, bore is with 10/10 rifling bright and shiny like new. Precisely 25 rounds test fire. Comes with 2 mags and paracorded folding stock. $1395, shipping is $30 to ON and QC, $35 to other majors. Shippi...

SKS-D early bayo version


For sale: SKS-D blade version. This is hard to find the early version of SKS-D with blade bayonet and SKS-style mag release and milled slot in carrier for clips. As a proper SKS-D rifle has metal reinforced mag well and takes AK-47 magazines. Rifle is in excellent condition, all matching. Bore is li...

Never prohibited CZ858


For sale: Pre-ban, never prohib cz858. Non-restricted. This one was made in 2005, has "narrow machined window" and was never considered prohibited by RCMP. This is your insurance in the case order in council gets reverted by current government. Almost impossible to find. From my personal collection....



For sale: Czech VZ52 made in 1957. 7.62x45. She probably fought in one of the Middle East conflicts on Egypt side. Good condition. Bore is grey with 7.5/10 rifling. Mag has two extra small holes of failed pinning, does not affect functioning. Comes with original leather pattern sling. Ammo is avail...



For sale: Czech VZ52 made in 1955. 7.62x45. She probably fought in one of the Middle East conflicts on Egypt side. Good condition. Bore is grey with 7/10 rifling. Capture screw is missing. Comes with original canvas and leather pattern sling. Ammo is available $20 per 15 rnds box, min 10 boxes purc...

M305 S with Accessories and Minor Upgrades

1000$ OBO

Selling my rifle for no other reason then I need the cash for another venture. It comes along with an upgraded spring guide, scope mount, Chaote folding stock, 1 5/20 round magazine/ 1 10/10 round A1A Type magazine and cleaning kit in stock. This rifle has not been abused, although I am sure it coul...