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Marlin Model 1895G


With me is a Marlin model 1895G .45-70 Govt caliber lever action rifle which has a fine bluing and some wear at the bore due to usage. Rifle is in excellent condition as it was not misused. It has a rear and front Blade sight. Thanks.

Finnish Mosin Nagant


Finnish Mosin Nagant is a bolt action rifle in a very perfect condition. Bore still looks neat and in good shape.

Marlin 1895CB


For sale is a Marlin 1895CB 45-70 Govt caliber lever action rifle. It barrel is stamped JM and it is 26 inches long. It has a front blade sight and rear blade sight, Bore looks pretty great and it has an excellent bluing.

Israeli K98 Mauser


Isreali k98 in cal. 308. Very neatly used as it is not misused. Neat Bore. Rifle is in an excellent condition. Thanks.

K98 Mauser Dou 44 G41 conversion


With me is a K98 Mauser Dou 44 G41 conversion in an excellent condition, bore still looks good and stock has been reproduced. alongside 20 rounds k98 Mauser magzine. Rifle is in an excellent condition.



Here is a Ruger #1-B Standard single shot rifle in .25-06 Remington. It is a 26" barrel, with a checkered walnut stock, a blued receiver, open sights, and integral scope mounts. Gun is in an excellent condition.

Mosin Nagant M91/30


With me is a Mosin Nagant Tula M91/30 in 7.62x54R manufactured in 1943. Rifle has a dark bore with good rifling. Rifle has some wear due to usage.

Winchester Model 70 Supergrade


For sale is a Winchester Model 70 Super Grade chambered in .270 WINCHESTER. The wood is excellent and there are few scratches around the grip area which is due to handling. Rifle shoots perfectly.

BRNO Czech Mauser 98


With me is an Unusual Engraved BRNO Czech Mauser M98 chambered in .30-06. Rifle still very much decent has only been used for a short period. Bore looks great. Rifle is in an excellent condition as seen in pictures.



I have a Winchester Model 94 carbine chambered in .32 Win. Spl. manufactured in 1951. Bore is excellent as walnut stocks looks beautiful. Riffle has some wear due to usage.