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20 MM Dummy Training Ammo


Inert non-functional 20mm dummy training ammo. Safe to handle and display. Pimp your man cave or complete your collection. $10 each or 5/$ 40. Pm me for more info or shipping quotes. Please see my other adds for more shooting accessories.

Wanted-ekol firat


Hi. Im looking for an ekol firat blank gun. I currently own one that over the years i have lost parts n would like to restore. Or if you have one in good condition i am also interested. Please contact. Thanks



For sale is a Deactivated Norinco 84s-2 AK47. Older cock and click deactivation comes with one 5/10 round mag and original owners manual. $950 shipped. Message me if interested and for pics.

Deac – Sten Gun


Detailed pictures upon request, it's been confirmed by the curator at the Calgary regiment museum to be authentic. Canadian variant unknown past and no paperwork known. Minimal surface rust on barrel. Also comes with original sling. Deac state, barrel plug, bolt tampered/welded, extractor taken ...