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Deac – Sten Gun


Detailed pictures upon request, it's been confirmed by the curator at the Calgary regiment museum to be authentic. Canadian variant unknown past and no paperwork known. Minimal surface rust on barrel. Also comes with original sling. Deac state, barrel plug, bolt tampered/welded, extractor taken ...

Looking to buy a deactivated or undeactivated Colt M203 40mm grenade launch...


How are I'm from Hamilton Ontario and I was wondering do you guys have or know someone that has a real deactivated or undeactivated Colt M203 40mm grenade launcher in the original box or lose for sale becuase I have original deactivated Colt M16A1 in my collection and I just want to buy this real de...

Flare Gun Wanted


Wanted Good Quality Flare Gun or Replica.