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12 Ga hulls for trade

Trade or $

I have over 2000 Federal Top Gun 12 Ga hulls for trade. Will take a box or 2 of .223 and .308 bullets, large rifle primers, rifle powder. Other trading items will be considered. Cash offers welcome as well. Also have over 500 of Winchester hulls (Heavy 8) and approx. 300 AAs and over 300 of Winc...

MEC Sizemaster 12ga


Reloader has all its parts and operates properly. You pay for shipping.

Hornady ELD-X Hunting Rifle Bullets, 30- caliber, 178 Grain


Brand new and quality reloading stuff .30", Hornady ELD -X 178 grs. $60 Brand New, never opened box of 100 projectiles, 178 grains with ballistic heat resistant polymer tips and boat tail. The ELD-X is a technologically advanced, match accurate, ALL-RANGE pr. featuring highest-in-class b...

Reloading Equipment

$ 425

RCBS Partner press, scale, powder trickler, primer tray, loading block, Case lube pad, case lube 2, funnel, neck brush, Lee 270 dies, Lyman media, Frankford case tumbler and a caliper

80 .30-06 cases – decapped & cleaned


80 once-fired .30-06 cases that have been decapped, cleaned and sorted by headstamp: 28x Federal, 27x Winchester, 24x Remington and 1x Prvi Partizan. EMAIL ME AT ARMEDMARINER@GMAIL.COM

Reloading equipment, brass


RCBS beam scale $40 Shell plates for Hornady Lock and Load AP (fit Pro-Jector as well), # 5, 10, 14. $35 each Lee powder measure kit $10 Lyman lubricator/sizer die .410 with round nose top punch #658 - $20 Plastic case for large rifle ammo with a carrying handle, fits 50. $10. Plastic...

Lyman bullet puller


Brand new Lyman inertial bullet puller with two collets EMAIL ARMEDMARINER@GMAIL.COM

2mec grabber reloaders 1 -20 ga,1- 12 ga

800 or b.o. for both

800 or b.o. for both. In excellent shape.

10 pound melting pot and over 200 pounds of lead tire whights


I hanvnt been able to melt since my son was born and looking to get rid of my melting pot over 200 pounds of lead and a 6 gang mold for 9 mm round nose with handles. Im looking for 150 but will settle for best offer.

Reloading rifle primers and powder


Two lbs unopened Accurate 2495. 1.75 lbs IMR 4166. 800 Winchester large rifle primers. $170

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