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for sale


122 Nosler ballistic tips (140 grn) 70 Speer spritzers (130 grn) this October on Tuesdays there will be no charge for postage. After October postage will have to be added

7 Lee 3 hole turrets for sale


Used three hole turrets

Lyman 310 tool with assorted dies


Lyman 310 tong tool, large handles, Comes with a set of 30-30 dies, 45acp dies, and .357mag dies. The 357mag die set is missing the priming die. Price is shipped

wanted to buy reloading equipment


looking for reloading equipment all gauges and calibers will buy collections. within a reasonable distance of kingston ontario email lpeterson2@cogeco.ca

Assorted Reloading Tools/Dies


Reloading Bench clean-up, new in the box Lee scale, hand held priming tool (large & small), .308 win dies, steel vernier, Lee turrets, plus other tools, see pics. May trade for older Redfield scope and will ship.

Dillon 550B, .45 acp full reloading setup


Dillon 550B with .45acp dies. Comes with Dillon CV-500 case cleaner and Dillon eliminator powder scale. As seen in pics. Also comes with: 1500 - new unprimed .45 acp Winchester brass 1500 - lead cast bullets approx 1000 - Montana gold jacketed bullets, 230gr rn. almost a kg of ...

Lee .45ACP 4 Die Set


Lee 45 ACP Pistol 4-Die Set. Loaded about 2000 rounds, still works great. Includes Carbide Full Length Die, Bullet Seating Die, Powder Thru Expanding Die, Taper Crimp Die, Universal Shell Holder, Powder Dipper and Instructions/Load Data. Everything you need to reload 45acp using a Lee press (not inc...

Redding Competition Shell Holder Kit #18


#18 Competition Shell Holder Kit In excellent condition can be used for 45-70, 30-378, 338-378, among other calibers Asking $55 + Shipping

.270 bullets, 483 count

140 shipped

Getting rid of a bunch of 270 bullets as follows 68 count of 120 grain sst (designated 6.8 spc, same bore diameter, work great in 270 Winchester as well) 217 count 130 grain soft points (some of older spire points, some interlocks, cannelures at different locations for those who crimp but base to...

208 grain ELD-M, 3 boxes of 100

170 shipping included

.30 caliber 208 grain eld m bullets (much the same as the old amax). Excellent for .300 win mag but also great in .308, .30-06, and other .30s so long as the twist is 1-10 or tighter. Boxes have been opened (like a child, I always have to take a look at these things long before I get around to usi...

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