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Bowtech 360


Bowtech 360 Comes with everything ready to hunt. Only shot about 10 shots with it

Excalibur Crossbow


Bow and Accessories



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Excalibur Ibex


Model Ibex very accurate 305 FPS. Comes with all accessories

Excalibur Crossbow GRZ2 – Brand New – Never Shot

600 - will to negotiate

If interested please contact cell phone at 647-335-4980 Brand - Excalibur Crossbow Model - GRZ 2 Speed - 305 FPS Draw Weight - 200 LBS Power Stroke - 11.2” Physical Weight - 5.5 lbs Overall Length - 33.25” Stock Style Feather Lite Skeletonized Finish - Tactical Black Arrow Length 18” ...

Excalibur Micro Suppressor 355 fps with Crank Cocking Aid

1,199$ CAN

used only one season

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Peraglow Cream:Enhance the blood circulation and remove free radicals


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