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NAACO gun grease

$6.50 per tube

NAACO gun grease manufactured around 1962 Ontario Canada 3 oz tubes

Lee enfield


#1 Lee Enfield , all parts in tact with bayonet

SHT LE MK III* 1917 303 rifle


SHT LE MK III* 1917 303 rifle Inherited from my father when he passed away.

Winchester Model 1894


Winchester Model 1894 lever Action chambered in .30 wcf. Serial number verified that the gun was made in 1910.

Rare London Pistol Company Revolver


A rare Manhattan Firearms "London Pistol Company" Series 1 pocket revolver in .31 percussion. London Pistol was Manhattan's alternate label for selling those guns which did not meet their Manhattan quality standards. These guns often had imperfections in the casting, engraving or finish. What was on...

Smith & Wesson 1 1/2 “Old Model”


Excellent condition .32 rim fire pocket revolver by Smith and Wesson with 1859 and 1865 patent inscription. Made between 1865 and 1868. Excellent walnut grips with minor wear around butt, 95% original nickel plating, strong action and hinge. There is a small crack in the nickel plating on one side o...

Colt M1851 Navy


This is an early M1851 with the slim grip pattern common on these early models. It is very tight, with a strong, crisp action and great timing. The frame retains about 25% silver, the steel parts are mostly a plum-brown patina. The sailing ship scene on the cylinder is crisp, the lettering on the 7 ...

Colt M1849 Pocket


Excellent, New York address Colt 1849 with 90% original silver, about 90% bluing on the barrel, very sharp scene on the cylinder and the finest grips I have seen so far on a gun of this age. In fact, this is the finest 1849 I have ever had. All numbers match, on frame, back strap, cylinder, ramrod a...

Remington Smoot .38rf


Very fine, quality made .38 rf short Remington 5-shot revolver with a 3 1/2 inch barrel, 90% nickel plating, most of what is missing is confined to the cylinder. very fine hard rubber "birds head" grips without cracks or chips. Only slightly worn on the high spots. Strong springs and properly index...

Cooey model 84


Call 226 345 0405