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Remington – Smoot


Excellent condition New Model No. 3 with a 3 3/4 inch barrel. The "New Model" was chambered for the .38 short rim fire cartridge and uses a unique mechanism which is both cylinder pin as well as extractor. This mechanism is often broken or frozen but not in this case. It is complete and works as it ...

Scarce, Early S&W Old Model Army


Very early, four-digit serial number No. 2 "Old Model" with a six-inch barrel, dating from 1861 or early '62. This was a popular side arm to many Union soldiers during the American civil war, as well as such famous American folk heroes as "Wild Bill" Hickok, and General George Armstrong Custer. The ...

Hopkins & Allen “Ranger No. 2”


Mfg Co. Charles Converse, Charles and Samuel Hopkins, and Charles Allen, formed the new company which would become famous for their wide range of "Suicide Specials" well into the 20th century. This particular specimen is named "Ranger No. 2" and is chambered for the .32 rim fire cartridge. It is a s...

Antique Status David Bentley Bulldog Revolver

2000.00 PRICE DROP!

David Bentley Tower Bull Dog in .442 Webley. Birmingham England and London Tower trade marks. Stamped TPF #127 “Tipperary Police Force” RIC. Lockup, indexing and function are exceptional with excellent rifling. These were make from 1834 to 1890 so true Antique Status. Ammunition can be made out of m...

Winchester 30-30 deluxe 1894 almost antique USA lever action 30 wcf


Here's an almost antique nice Winchester 1894, antique in the USA (1898) but NOT in Canada(1896). ============== Very nice wood, that firearm was a special order, with the short button magazine, special butt, special order pistol grip. ================ I am not an expert but I found with the s...

Stevens Old Model Deringer


Made ca. 1864 to 1886, this little deringer is chambered for the .30 caliber rim fire cartridge. It is in excellent condition with nearly 100% original nickel plating, strong case colours on the hammer and trigger, and excellent rosewood grips. The bore is bright and the rifling sharp. 3 1/2 inch hi...

S&W First Model DA


Very good condition S&W double action "New Model Navy" in .44 Russian caliber. This gun has a 6 1/2 inch barrel, all matching numbers on the frame, cylinder and barrel latch. Tight action, solid lock-up, crisp bore. Minor freckling in the grooves, crisp barrel address. Fine hard rubber grips wit...

Bacon Arms .31 Percussion Pocket Revolver


Tomas Bacon left the Manhattan Firearms Co in 1858 to start his own company (for the second time) where he began producing this pocket percussion pistol. Only about 1,400 actually bear his name, the rest were marketed under different brands, one being Hopkins and Allen. This specimen is in very good...



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Double Barrel Percussion Muff Pistol


Probably European made, about .38 caliber percussion muff pistol in very good condition from the mid-18 hundreds. The action works in half and full cock, the bag-style walnut grips are in very fine condition with only a small chip missing off the front right where the grip meets the frame. The gun i...

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