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Exceptional S&W 3rd Model Russian


A massive, .44 Russian caliber S&W in excellent condition. Matching assembly numbers on cylinder, latch and frame. The gun retains over 90% original nickel plating, it is crisp and clean. Tight action, excellent, shiny bore, really nice in every respect. The mechanics are smooth and tight. The g...

Colt 1862 Pocket Navy Conversion


As the era of percussion guns came to an end, and Rollin White's patent was not extended as he had requested, Colt began designing cartridge revolvers. However, since they had so many percussion revolver parts in inventory still Colt decided to come up with a way to convert them to cartridge use. T...



The words Inforce speak for itself.400 lumens handgun light system very reliable can turn on with trigger finger very easily. Worth $500 will take $400 cash

FS/FT Bushmaster AR15


The rifle comes stock with an ALG Defense Combat trigger, MFT Minimalist Stock (has Paracord Cobra weave), an AAC Squaredrop Handguard and a AAC 51T Flash Hider. The Rifle has about 200 round through it, and clean as a whistle.. I will also sell the rifle only for $1700 and the scope with mount for ...

Colt 1851 Navy


Third model production with small, round trigger guard, probably pre-civil war. Very good, crisp action, clean bore and strong rifling. This gun is complete with all numbers matching, even the wedge. It is in surprisingly good condition for its age. Fine one-piece walnut grips without cracks or chip...

Remington Rider Magazine Pistol


Joseph Rider invented the first pistol using a tubular magazine in American History. Working for Remington and Sons of Ilion, NY, this prolific inventor had his name on several of Remington's products, and held numerous patents of his own. The Rider magazine pistol is unique in its design, utilising...

Connecticut Arms “Bulldog”


Unique pivoting breech deringer in very good condition. 50% nickel plating on the frame and about as much blue on the barrel. Strong springs, proper single action function, slight amount of play on the breech block. Bright barrel with crisp rifling. Fine gutta percha grips without cracks or chips. A...

Rare National Arms Deringer


A rare, fine quality .41 rim fire deringer from the National Arms company. Originally the Moore's Firearms Co., National Arms was in business for only a few years before being purchased by Colt in 1870. These rare little gems are very well made and would surely pack a punch with their short barrel a...

RARE Hammonds Patent Deringer


Excellent and Rare Hammond's Patent Single Shot Deringer This is a very rare and extremely nice Connecticut Arms single shot Deringer in .44 rim fire. The largest caliber Deringer-type pistol ever made. It is known as the "Bulldog", and has a unique side-pivoting breechblock and spring-loaded extr...

Very RARE Chicago Firearms “Protector”


Manufactured by The Ames Sword Company under contract for Peter Finnigan, who formed the Chicago Firearms Co. to sell these "palm-squeezers" at the 1891 Worlds Fair in Chicago. Ames defaulted on the contract and Finnigan sued. He won and Ames was penalized for missing the deadline. The remainder of ...

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