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Luger Board Navy Luger Pistol Shoulder Stock Board WW1. Ref.#N2B

USD$275.00 + S&H

1906-1916 WW1 Imperial German Navy Luger Flat board with Imperial German Navy Proof Marks to brass disc and board. Complete with blued stock iron and strawed locking lever. (New Item)

Borchardt’s Luger – Gentleman’s Travel Case. Order.Ref.# ...

USD$795.00 + S&H

Borchardt's Luger - Gentleman's Travel Case. Morocco Black Leather- BORCHARDT LUGER (style) French fitted Case is a close replica of the type of case that was usually supplied with handguns at around the turn of the 20th century, particularly the Borchardt, Luger, C96 Mauser and other pistols of ...

Artillery Luger Pistol Late 1913 Prototype stock. Ref.#01FC2

USD$850.00 + S&H Included.

Artillery Luger Pistol 1913 2nd Type Shoulder-stock Holster version. This very unusual Shoulder Stock incorporates the "Luger Artillery Pistol" and comes complete with double metal Lanyard/Shoulder loops and attaching iron for connecting to the pistol. The stock completely encloses the pistol ...

Colt 1851 Model Vintage Wood Gun Box case. Ref.#03c


Colt 1851 Model Vintage Gun Case. This an example of a reproduction of an 1851 Colt gun case. Built with the same materials and in the same style of the original Colt contract boxes of the 1860’s. This is a mahogany case with hinge and lock in-letting in the manner used in the originals. ...

Colt 1847 Walker Percussion Pistol Gun Case. Prod.Ref.#CW.02

USD$395.00 + S&H

This is a very scarce example of an original style Walker case based on the one known example & built with the same materials and in the same style of the original Colt contract boxes of the 1860's. It is a Oak box with hinge and lock in-letting in the manner used in the originals. The li...

Amazing Cased Colt 1851 Navy


This is an unusual Colt 1851 Navy in .36 percussion. It is marked "COLT'S PATENT / U. S." which identifies it as a government issued gun, and the serial number makes it of civil war manufacture (1862). It is richly engraved on the barrel flats, cylinder, trigger guard and back strap. The serial numb...

1880s Belgium Rook Rifle


Selling a 1880s Belgium Flobert Rook rifle. Condition is good and has been cleaned and restored lightly, I have shot this rifle twice. I machined replacement trap door hinge screws out of brass. It is a 32 Long Colt variety. $350obo Please email shaunbc@hotmail.com I have .300 rook ammo, .29...

Belgian Proofed Bull Dog


These pocket revolvers were popular in Europe from the 1870's to the 90's as personal protective accoutrements. The "Bull Dog" is an invention of Webley's, but their popularity soon found them made on both sides of the continent. "British" Bulldogs are particularly popular although these were made i...

British Bull Dog


This is an excellent and high quality "British Bull Dog" bearing Belgian proof marks. The gun is unmarked as to a maker but the proofs put its manufacture between 1877 and 1893. The large caliber gun feels massive in the hand, yet comfortable to hold. It has a crisp, accurate action, fine hard rubbe...

Colt 1849 Pocket


Colt 1849 Pocket revolver with a six-inch barrel, in very good condition. The gun locks up tight and the cylinder indexes correctly. The bore is bright, with sharp rifling and minor spots along the length of it. New York Barrel address, matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel and grip strap....

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