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Marlin 1893 30-30 octagon barrel made in 1897 serial No 155932

Best offer

Marlin 1893 30-30 lever action with octagon barrel in good condition.

Hopkins & Allen XL No. 4


Rare Hopkins & Allen XL No. 4, bulldog-type .38 rim fire short pocket revolver. Correctly functioning with strong springs and tight action. About 75% original nickel plating with some loss around the cylinder and right side of the frame. Excellent walnut grips. Fine overall. SN# 660. DISCLAIMER:...

Luger Artillery Wood Holster Stock .


Artillery Luger pistol Early 1913 Prototype stock. Ref.#01.FC1 USD$799.00 incl H&S. 1913 Pre-production Prototype Artillery Luger Shoulder Stock. For the advanced Luger Collector. A fine Copy of an extremely rare 1913 pre-production (style) prototype Artillery Luger Shoulder Stock. Made fr...

Smith and Wesson Model 1 1/2


Excellent condition .32 rimfire pocket revolver by Smith and Wesson with 1859 and 1865 patent inscription. Made between 1865 and 1868. Excellent walnut grips with minor wear aroung butt, 95% original nickel plating, strong action and hinge. SN# 23523 Excellent overall..DISCLAIMER: All my guns are so...

Kimber Pistol


Kimber TLE/RL II . 45 acp pistol for sale




Very RARE Chicago Firearms “Protector”


Manufactured by The Ames Sword Company under contract for Peter Finnigan, who formed the Chicago Firearms Co. to sell these "palm-squeezers" at the 1891 Worlds Fair in Chicago. Ames defaulted on the contract and Finnigan sued. He won and Ames was penalized for missing the deadline. The remainder of ...

Uhlinger .32 rim fire revolver


William P. Uhlinger made high quality guns in Philadelphia from 1861 to 1865. Since his guns were a direct infringement of S&W's (Rollin White) patent, few of his guns are actually marked with his name. Instead he sold them under the names of gun retailers and dealers. This specimen is marked "J...

Colt New Line .32


Fine Colt New Line revolver with beautiful, pristine mother-of-pearl grips. The gun indexes correctly and is in fine mechanical condition. 90% plus nickel plating, some original blue on the trigger and hammer. The etched "COLT NEW 32" on the side of the barrel is barely visible. There are minor goug...

RARE Hammonds Patent Deringer


Excellent and Rare Hammond's Patent Single Shot Deringer This is a very rare and extremely nice Connecticut Arms single shot Deringer in .44 rim fire. The largest caliber Deringer-type pistol ever made. It is known as the "Bulldog", and has a unique side-pivoting breechblock and spring-loaded extr...

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