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Rare US Service Revolver


Rare Whitneyville .38 rim fire short marked "U.S." on the right side. This was probably issued to a US federal agent in the 1870's. The brass frame retains about 80% of the original nickel plating, the 1 1/2 inch barrel about 50%. The cylinder is a smooth grey with traces of nickel remaining. The gr...

Exceptional S&W 3rd Model Russian


A massive, .44 Russian caliber S&W in excellent condition. Matching assembly numbers on cylinder, latch and frame. The gun retains over 90% original nickel plating, it is crisp and clean. Tight action, excellent, shiny bore, really nice in every respect. The mechanics are smooth and tight. The g...

Remington Rider Magazine Pistol


Joseph Rider invented the first pistol using a tubular magazine in American History. Working for Remington and Sons of Ilion, NY, this prolific inventor had his name on several of Remington's products, and held numerous patents of his own. The Rider magazine pistol is unique in its design, utilising...

Connecticut Arms “Bulldog”


Unique pivoting breech deringer in very good condition. 50% nickel plating on the frame and about as much blue on the barrel. Strong springs, proper single action function, slight amount of play on the breech block. Bright barrel with crisp rifling. Fine gutta percha grips without cracks or chips. A...

Rare National Arms Deringer


A rare, fine quality .41 rim fire deringer from the National Arms company. Originally the Moore's Firearms Co., National Arms was in business for only a few years before being purchased by Colt in 1870. These rare little gems are very well made and would surely pack a punch with their short barrel a...

Colt 1849 Pocket


Production of the 1849 Pocket began in 1850 and continued until 1873, making it the longest run of percussion revolvers in Colt's history. The 1849 was the successor to the "Baby Dragoon", until then Colt's most popular small-caliber revolver. Critics doubted if the 1849 could live up to the baby's ...

Bacon Arms .31 Percussion Pocket Revolver


Tomas Bacon left the Manhattan Firearms Co in 1858 to start his own company (for the second time) where he began producing this pocket percussion pistol. Only about 1,400 actually bear his name, the rest were marketed under different brands, one being Hopkins and Allen. This specimen is in very good...

Rare Webley-Bentley Percussion revolver


Philip Webley designed, .40 caliber, 5-shot percussion revolver in very good condition. The lock is an invention of Birmingham gunsmith John Bentley, hence the name Webley - Bentley. The gun is double-action only, and has a unique safety on top of the hammer to prevent it from striking the primer i...

Rare 1895 Winchester short barrel take down !


For anyone who collects Winchester’s you know what this gun is. Its the takedown version It’s in great shape. I had it appraised at $5000 U.S.

Snider Enfield for sale!


My snider Enfield is in incredible condition. I have shot it a few times and comes with reloading parts if asked.

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