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Antique Status David Bentley Bulldog Revolver


David Bentley Tower Bull Dog in .442 Webley. Birmingham England and London Tower trade marks. Stamped TPF #127 “Tipperary Police Force” RIC. Lockup, indexing and function are exceptional with excellent rifling. These were make from 1834 to 1890 so true Antique Status. Ammunition can be made out of m...



Native Blanket from a Military Austrian Lorenz Most likely this was cut down for a Blanket gun after or during the Civil war the Lorenz Rifle was a weapon of both the Union and Confederate armies. Still maintains the rear barrel band & sling mount (band held in place by a square nail). 75 ca...

Remington Over-Under Deringer


Excellent condition Remington Model 95 Double Deringer with close to 100% original nickel plate and fine hard rubber grips. This is one of the best I have ever had. The two-line address on top of the barrel makes this a Type I, late production model, made about 1868. The Type I’s are the only one’s ...

Rare National Arms Deringer


A rare, fine quality .41 rim fire deringer from the National Arms company. Originally the Moore's Firearms Co., National Arms was in business for only a few years before being purchased by Colt in 1870. These rare little gems are very well made and would surely pack a punch with their short barrel a...

Connecticut Arms “Bulldog”


Unique pivoting breech deringer in very good condition. 50% nickel plating on the frame and about as much blue on the barrel. Strong springs, proper single action function, slight amount of play on the breech block. Bright barrel with crisp rifling. Fine gutta percha grips without cracks or chips. A...

Remington Rider Magazine Pistol


Joseph Rider invented the first pistol using a tubular magazine in American History. Working for Remington and Sons of Ilion, NY, this prolific inventor had his name on several of Remington's products, and held numerous patents of his own. The Rider magazine pistol is unique in its design, utilising...

Exceptional S&W 3rd Model Russian


A massive, .44 Russian caliber S&W in excellent condition. Matching assembly numbers on cylinder, latch and frame. The gun retains over 90% original nickel plating, it is crisp and clean. Tight action, excellent, shiny bore, really nice in every respect. The mechanics are smooth and tight. The g...

Excellent S&W First Model DA “Frontier”


Excellent condition S&W DA revolver with a 6 inch barrel. Made between 1881 and 1898, this model is also known as the "New Model Navy" or the "DA Frontier". Chambered for the .44 Russian cartridge, this is a serious piece of weaponry. This particular specimen is the finest I have ever had. Exce...

Percussion Deringer


An interesting, damascus barrel double deringer by an unknown maker, but probably British. It is marked "DB" on the underside of the barrel and bears what look like the remnants of Birmingham proof marks on the sides of each barrel. The frame and trigger guard are nicely engraved and the one-piece g...

swiss 1889


Schmidt rubin sporterized 7.5 x 53.5 take a look

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