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Winchester 1894 saddle ring carbine from 1911 or 1912


This gun was purchased in 1911 or 1912 and was used on the western Canadian Prairies in Saskatchewan and Alberta prior to the areas being incorporated as Canadian provinces. This is the gun that helped win the west. The action works very well. A great keepsake for a collection or use as a hunting g...

Remington No1 sporting Rifle


This old girl in in very good condition considering her age. The bore is absolutely mint with no pitting or discolouration. It locks up tight and the half cock is strong. I would have no problem shooting it with black power ammo although I haven't found any yet, I took some chamber measurements and ...

Berdan II


For sale: Berdan II rifle. Berdan II was single shot predecessor to Mosin Nagant in Russian Emprire. This one made at Tula factory on 1880. This one was captured or stayed in Poland after WW1 finish. Overall good condition for such an old rifle. Mechanically feels fine. Bore is grey, pitted with s...

Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine


Flared barrel, good action and shoots straight. Grandfather used it for deer hunting, I put 10 rounds through it to make sure it worked - no issues works well. E-mail for pics if interested. lztm@hotmail.com

Colt M1849 Pocket


Very fine Colt 1849 Pocket with a four-inch barrel. Tight mechanics, excellent grips, 75% silver on the brass frame. The rifling is sharp, and there is only moderate pitting of the barrel interior near the breech. The blue has mostly turned into a dark plum patina, and the cylinder scene is well pre...

Belgian Contract Colt M1851


Excellent condition Colt 1851 in .36 percussion made under license by Nicholas Gilon of Liege, Belgium. Shiny, 7 1/2 inch smooth-bore barrel, excellent rosewood grips and 80% silver on the frame, and as much blue on the barrel. Beautiful case colours on the ram rod and the iron parts of the frame. S...

Moore’s Teat Fire


Fine to excellent Moore's teat fire pocket revolver with about 50% silver on the engraved brass frame and an equal amount of original blue on the barrel and cylinder. The cylinder is engraved with "D. WILLIAMSON'S PATENT JANUARY 5, 1864, the barrel is labelled MOORE'S PAT. FIRE ARMS CO. BROOKLYN N.Y...

1837 Chatellerault Navy Belt Pistol


This single-shot percussion pistol bears arsenal stamps on the frame and trigger guard and the engraved name of the arsenal "Mre. Rle. de Chatellerault" (Royal manufacture at Chatellerault). The top of the frame is marked "Mle. 1837" and the number 7 is stamped in the side of the barrel. The letters...

Incredible Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket No. 2


Factory engraved, fine H&A, this one with very attractive bone grips. SN#7434 .32 rim fire pocket revolver in very fine condition. About 60% original nickel plating with minor wear near the muzzle and cylinder. The beautifully aged bone grips are highly polished, without scratches, chips or crac...

Remington Smoot .38rf


Very fine, quality made .38 rf short Remington 5-shot revolver with a 3 1/2 inch barrel, 90% nickel plating, most of what is missing is confined to the cylinder. very fine hard rubber "birds head" grips without cracks or chips. Only slightly worn on the high spots. Strong springs and properly index...

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