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PMC 9mm 124gr


brand new 124gr 9mm rounds. i have 2 boxes of 1000rds each. $350 per each box of 1000 rds. local deal only. PAL required

.308 WIN Federal Premium Gold Medal Match ammunition, with 168g and 175g Si...

$2 per round ($40 per box of 20)

New Federal Premium Gold Medal Match .308 ammo for sale. Both 168g and 175g Sierra Matchking bullets available. 31 boxes (20 rounds each) $40 per box

7.62×25 Tokarev Lot of 600 Rounds


As Pictured. Steel case, still in strips of 8. Berdan Primed. Thanks for looking.

Lot of 300 Rounds – .308 Win


300 Rounds of Surplus in 15 Boxes of 20 Rounds each - as Pictured. Zinc Plated Steel Case - Berdan Primed. These are a lot of fun to shoot. Thanks for looking.

WANTED : 351 cal. ,401Cal. Cartrages or Spent Cartrages


WANTED : 351 cal. or 401 cal ammunition or spent brass. Must Have The Correct Head Stamp on Cartrage !

Remanufactured Ammunition – 9 mm Luger 124 gr TMJ-RN


Remanufactured 9 mm Luger, 124 gr TMJ-RN in loose packaging of 250, 500 or 1 000 rounds. We are a Canadian Ammunition Company. Our Flagship is the 9 mm Luger in 124 gr. Price for 250 rounds is 79.99 $, 500 rounds for 149.99 $ and 1000 rounds for 274.99 $ Free shipping for order of 10 000 ro...

9mm Luger FMJ federal ammunition x 1000 (20×50)


Brand new still sealed in box. 1000 rounds of 9mm full metal jacket ammunition. Federal brand. I would prefer to trade for a good working shotgun or rifle for hunting. Message me with trades or offers

500 rounds of Winchester 17WSM Varmint HV 20 grain


I have 500 rounds of Winchester Varmint HV in 17WSM 20 grain for sale for $175 or would like to trade for 500 rounds of the same caliber in 25 grain. GTA local pick up only. Thanks.

Norinco M14 ,.308 caliber ammo,186 rounds


I have sold my M14 Norinco rifle and I still have had 186 rounds of ammo for sell. The ammo was recently purchased between March and June , 2016 at Fishing World store in Hamilton. It is a great and an inexpressive ammunition for shooting range practice.

500 rounds of winchester 9mm jacketed soft point ammo


500 rounds of winchester 9mm jacketed soft point ammo.