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Infrared googles with original transport case


The item is in working order but the two batteries are weak and must be recharged.

Conversion kit for Browning


New compact custom conversion kit for Browning 9 mm High Power. Match barrel, Novak sights, hard chrome finish. New. A $1,500.00 value for $525.00.

Gunsmith tools

Various prices

.45 ACP MATCH NOWLING CHAMBER REAMER. NEW. $ 95.00. .38 Super Nowling chamber reamer. New. $ 95.00. 9 mm Luger Clymer chamber reamer. New. $ 95.00 9 mm Luger Clymer chamber reamer. Used. $ 75.00.

Custom barrel for Luger


New custom heavy match 5’’ barrel for Luger machined from a Douglas Supreme blank (the one installed on the pistol of the lousy photograph and fitted with a special front sight has the same origin).

Luger Carbine Shoulder Stock. Ref.#03FC


Model 1902 - 1920 Luger Carbine Stock. Luger Carbine Shoulder stock finely chequered. Oiled wood stock with rust blued swivel, stock-iron and strawed locking lever. Note: We also have other different shade oiled wood stocks available to match either your grips and or for-end. www.cmrfirear...

WANTED: Remington 870 Barrel/ OR Remington 870


I'm looking to buy a shorter barrel for my Remington 870. I would be willing to buy a the entire gun for the right price, but ideally i would like a 12.5" to 18" barrel.

Browning BOSS-CR


Brand new. Replaces the factory ported BOSS attachment. Was ordered specifically for a 30-06 barrel but I believe it will fit others as well (you will have to check with Browning).

M14, M1A Blackfeather RS Rifle Stock


The M14/M1A Blackfeather® "RS" aluminum stock is patterned on the light weight, balance and ergonomics of a traditional USGI fibreglass stock but it offers modern features such as precision bedding, our proprietary, self-lubricating, adjustable oprod guide, removable, keyed picatinny rails, a remova...

M14/M1A LSP (Long Sight Plane Handguard/Scope Mount/Accessory Rail)


The M14/M1A LSP® (Long Sight Plane) hand guard/scope mount/accessory rail replaces the original M1A/M14 hand guard and iron sights and uses a much larger, sturdier and more reliable fitment methodology to provide the lightest and longest single plane rail available for the M14 platform. It ...

M14, M1A Scout Hand Guard


The M14/M1A "SHG" (Scout Hand Guard) replaces the original M1A/M14 hand guard and offers a sturdy, reliable, ultra-low picatinny forward optics mounting platform for your M1A/M14 rifle. It is designed to index perfectly on a Blackfeather "RS" equipped rifle, however, it can be installed to other M14...